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Ellen DeGeneres teases George W. Bush about his poncho problem on Inauguration Day

Ellen DeGeneres needled George W. Bush about the wardrobe malfunction that nearly stole the show on Inauguration Day.
/ Source: TODAY

During President Trump's inauguration in January, George W. Bush's wardrobe malfunction in the stands nearly stole the show.

Watching the former president's comic exasperation as he struggled with a rain poncho was a moment that all Americans could appreciate.

Former President George W. Bush uses a plastic sheet to deal with the rain during the inauguration ceremonies swearing in Donald Trump
Former President George W. Bush struggled to wear a poncho correctly on Inauguration Day. Reuters

On her show Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres couldn't help but needle Bush about it as she tried to get to the bottom of his struggles with the translucent plastic sheet.

"There's, there's...have you put one on?'' she asked as pictures of Bush fumbling with it flashed on screen. "Is that the first time?"

"It looks like it, that's for sure,'' Bush said.

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At least Bush wasn't alone in his utter confusion over the workings of the poncho.

DeGeneres showed a photo of Bush's mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, also seeming mystified by how to properly wear the rain protector.

"I feel like it must run in the family because your mom had an issue also,'' DeGeneres said.

"It's genetics,'' Bush said.

DeGeneres then decided to help out by giving him a poncho that had a crucial bit of instruction written right on it: "This side up."

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