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Edward and Bella's wedding song revealed

So Robert Pattinson won't be on shuffle anytime soon.

But we've still got plenty of vamp-tastic tunes heading our way soon. And now that the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack has revealed which songs have made the cut, we've got a better idea of what kind of moody music will background Bella and Edward's latest romantic installment.

Like, say, what tune will accompany their mucho-anticipated I do's:

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"Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine, though it seems to be a wedding version remixed for these nuptials.

And we approve.

Not only do we dig the song, but it's a nice throwback to when the tune first appeared in the flicks (remember when R.Pattz and Kristen Stewart got their prom on way back when?). Which is enough to make our so-jaded hearts swoon. Just a little.

But here's our problem: Where are the fun, sexy songs?

With all the moody, broody song titles (like "Requiem on Water" or "Love Death Birth"), we see nothing that seems fit to accompany a lusty honeymoon romp. Especially since we've been waiting on this scene since the first time B. and E. eyeball effed the heck out of each other.

Why not add some flair into the mix, Twi-peeps? Something cool and upbeat to balance the angsty songs that will get tweens and Twi-moms alike all misty eyed, pining for their very own vampire heartthrob.

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Heck, at least throw the "Electric Slide" on there. That's practically a wedding reception staple.

Can you suggest a different song for the vampire and his bride? "Ice, Ice Baby?" "Monster Mash"? "Havin' My Baby"?