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'Early Christmas miracle': Watch man resuscitate frozen kitten in miraculous video

One kitten had a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving morning.
/ Source: TODAY

One kitten had a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving morning.

After a night of heavy snow, Branden Bingham's oldest son spotted what he thought was a dead cat buried in the powder near their Utah home. And if the boy had found the kitten moments later, that would have likely been the case.

Instead, the frozen feline was barely hanging on to life, and thanks to Bingham's fast-thinking family members, it was brought back from the brink.

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In a video filmed by Bingham, his brother takes the kitten in hand and tries to warm it up by the fire, all while administering gentle compressions to keep the cat's chest.

At first, it didn't appear to work. Bingham turned his camera off and took his kids outside to distract them from the sad turn of events. But his brother never gave up.

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"When I came back inside, I could not believe my eyes," he wrote in a caption on the clip.

GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten LivesYouTube

The blue-eyed kitten was wrapped in a towel, weakened but otherwise OK.

"Oh, my goodness, Kitty," Bingham said as he looked at the lucky cat. "You are alive!"

"Instead of a somber and sad Thanksgiving, the kids were able to witness an early Christmas miracle," he added.

And the kitten who lived when the odds were against him suddenly had an apt name — Lazarus.

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The kitty also had a new home with Bingham's cousin, but things have changed since then.

A recent video update proves the cat not only survived the ordeal, but it's now plump, happy and thriving in its home with Bingham.

A GoPro edit of the kitten's amazing rescue has gone viral, and the man who filmed it all says it's "surreal seeing this." On his Facebook page, Bingham wrote, "[It] adds to the moment a little when I'm watching the video with the kitten on my lap."

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