Duke, Duchess of Cambridge get new coat of arms as a couple

Kensington Palace unveiled a new royal coat of arms for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, one that reflects the pair as a married couple.

The new Conjugal Coat of Arms shows the separate shields of a royal husband and wife, side by side. The design was revealed Friday, although the pattern was approved by Queen Elizabeth earlier this year.


The shield on the left is the Royal Coat of Arms granted to Prince William by the queen on his 18th birthday. The shield on the right, reflecting Duchess Kate, is from the Middleton family Coat of Arms. It was granted to the family in 2011 ahead of the couple’s marriage.

“The Conjugal Arms will be theirs forever, however as their circumstances and roles alter, elements of the accoutrements around the shields may change,” the palace said in a statement. “In addition to their Conjugal Arms, Their Royal Highnesses also retain their own Coats of Arms to represent themselves as individuals.”