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Drought shaming: California 'water vigilantes' call out neighbors online

In drought-stricken California, self-appointed vigilantes are using their smartphones to catch their neighbors in the act of wasting water.
/ Source: TODAY

With California in the midst of a drought and officials urging residents to conserve, self-appointed "water vigilantes" are using their smartphones to catch neighbors in the act of wasting water, then posting their names and even their addresses online using the hashtag #DroughtShaming.

Self-proclaimed "water crusader" Tony Corcoran told Rossen Reports: "We need people to stop wasting water if we're going to be able to have a California." But Karen North, a psychologist and social media expert at the University of Southern California, said: "Instead of going online and shaming people publicly, which might be useless, why doesn't this guy just go to the city and tell the city, 'Stop these people — they're using too much water.'"