Drivers stuck in traffic jam treated to string quartet performance

/ Source: TODAY

You know what they say: if you're gonna get stuck in traffic, be sure to bring along a full string quartet to serenade you with several variations of Pachelbel's Canon.


After a vehicle carrying horses broke down Saturday, the M5, a major highway in England, closed down. But never fear: In a super convenient turn of events, a group of really, really talented musicians was there to save the day.

According to The Telegraph, the musicians were traveling home from a wedding when they, too, were forced to wait in the growing traffic jam. So, why not bring out their instruments and entertain the crowd?

Fortunately for us, Helen Delingpole of Ferndale, Wales filmed the entire thing and posted it to Facebook.

Alison Gillies, the group's cellist, told The Telegraph that the performance began as a joke of sorts. It was just a fun way to pass the time. But soon, "a crowd of people came over, and everyone seemed to like it — it was great."

"We have played some of the most incredible concert venues globally," added Lu Jeffrey, another member of the quartet, "And then one afternoon you play the M5, it all goes crazy."