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Driver spots 'spectacular' cloud that looks like an angel

A couple traveling on a Texas highway took a photo of a cloud resembling an angel that let them know that "everything would be OK."
/ Source: TODAY

A Texas man and his wife had admittedly been going through difficult times in dealing with family matters when they looked up at the sky on Monday and got a "spectacular" sign that everything would be all right.

Danny Ferraro, 57, took a photo of a cloud that looked just like an angel as the sun was setting over Highway 105 in their hometown of Montgomery, and posted it on Facebook.

"On Monday evening we were heading to deal with more (family) issues and really dreading it,'' Ferraro told NBC News. "As we turned west on Highway 105 in Montgomery, I immediately noticed the cloud formation and the brilliant rays of sun straight ahead of us, and I told Carmen, 'Wow, look at that!'''

The couple, who consider themselves Christian, were also celebrating one month of being married.

"We both saw the angel and felt it meant that everything would be OK,'' he said. "I just felt like God was saying, 'I'm always with you.' I don't know how many others saw it, but I'm sure it meant something special to everyone who did."

"It lasted for just a few moments, but I grabbed my phone and the first picture I took was spectacular."

The scene was reminiscent of an "angel" cloud captured on camera by a South Carolina man in 2016 that was viewed more than 9 million times on Facebook. There also was the well-timed "Winnie the Pooh" cloud that appeared over a children's charity event in 2016.

Ferraro, a father of seven, is grateful he was able to capture a moment of divine uplift that helped people feel better about their day after seeing it.

"We were at the right spot at exactly the right time,'' he said. "God can speak to us in many different ways, and for that I’m thankful."

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