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Driver gives a lift to elderly woman on long trudge to store

Lisa Steger would've loved to spend all day taking care of the woman and listening to her life stories, but she unfortunately had to work.
/ Source: TODAY

Lisa Steger is not accustomed to picking up strangers in her car. But that didn't stop her one day late last month when she noticed an elderly woman walking along the side of a road, hunched over. "Ma'am, can I help you?" she asked.

The woman, named Amy, appeared to be in her late 80s. And she didn't waste any time before hopping in the car and directing Steger to Wal-Mart.

"She was very trusting of a stranger," Steger, 42, told TODAY. "But I appreciate her putting herself in a vulnerable situation and allowing me to help her."

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Lisa Steger and Amy in the car after Steger picked her up off the side of the roadCourtesy of Lisa Steger

It turned out Amy had been waiting for a family member to pick her up from her New Windsor, New York, home. After more than an hour had passed without them showing up, she had decided to walk the mile and a half instead.

Steger, a home inspector for insurance companies, was on her way to an inspection when she found Amy. To lighten the mood and make her comfortable, Steger joked, "You're not going to hurt me, right?"

Amy smiled and said "Oh no, honey."

"I knew we were on an adventure right then and there," Steger wrote on Facebook.

During the brief ride, Amy told Steger about her son and the serious health issues that entailed the amputation of his legs, and mentioned how badly she wanted to visit him in the hospital.

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"I could've spent all day taking care of her and listening to her life stories, but I unfortunately had to work," Steger said. "I would've loved to shop with her or even take her to see her son."

It wasn't the first time Steger has extended a helping hand to the elderly. She lives in Beacon, New York, next door to her aunt and uncle. Both are in their late 70s, and she enjoys taking care of them.

"This was a moment of trust between two strangers who probably have a lot more in common than meets the surface," Steger said.