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‘Dr. 90210’ shares his 7 beauty secrets

Looking to preserve your youth? Start by looking inside your own house. Dr. Robert Rey, who's best known as "Dr. 90210," has put down the knife and is sharing seven beauty secrets that will keep you looking young and vibrant.
/ Source: TODAY

Week after week, Dr. Robert Rey, better known as “Dr. 90210,” hits the floor of the surgery room to nip, tuck, lift and enhance women and men looking to beat the clock. Well, today he's left the knife at home and is sharing seven household beauty secrets that will enhance your looks and help you preserve your youth.

Stop the caffeine
This is a tough one. But according to Dr. Rey, caffeine gives us cellulite and prevents our bodies from absorbing vitamins. "Fifty-two percent of all Americans are addicted to caffeine. Caffeine is like cocaine in the 1920s. Reverse the trend. We don't need crutches." But he offers a suggestion (and it's a fun one): Eat dark chocolate, as close to 100 percent cacao as you can, to help control the urges.

If it doesn't move, don't eat it
Forget ice cream, bread and pasta and concentrate on food that once moved on land and water or swayed from a tree: turkey, chicken, fish, apples, corn and other fruits and vegetables.

Exfoliate with honeyPut honey (a natural humidifier) and brown sugar into a bowl, microwave it for five seconds and leave it on your face for 10 minutes. It's a clay mask that tightens your face.

Sleep on two or three pillowsDr. Rey says believe it or not, this will make dark circles go away: “If you sleep flat, the vessels in your face will pop.” Rest your shoulders on the pillow as well, so you won't strain the neck.

Put cucumbers on your eyes and cheeks
This is an oldie, but these bad boys work as a natural astringent and will penetrate the tissue and break up the pigment to prevent puffiness and get rid of darkness.

Keep two spoons in the fridge
This is a quick fix if you have an important meeting and need to get rid of the giant bags under your eyes: Put the refrigerated spoons on your eyes for 10 minutes. Wet tea bags, although slightly more gross, will do the same trick.

Sleep on your back, not your face
The pressure will wrinkle your face and your breasts.

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