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Donald Trump on Clinton: 'Hillary will be a disaster as president'

Donald Trump is pulling no punches when it comes to fellow presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.
/ Source: TODAY

As Donald Trump comes under fire for his comments on immigration, he also is pulling no punches when it comes to potential Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or early Republican front-runner Jeb Bush.

"(Clinton) was the worst Secretary of State in the history of our nation,'' Trump told Katy Tur on TODAY Thursday. "Why would she be a good president? I think she would be a terrible president."

Trump has been polling in the top two with Bush early in the campaign in the crowded field of Republican hopefuls.

"Jeb Bush will never take us to the promised land,'' he said. "He doesn't have it. Hillary will never take us to the promised land. Hillary will be a disaster as a president. Jeb will be very poor as a president, no energy."

WATCH: Donald Trump doubles down on immigration

Trump's comments come amid news that Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus called him on Wednesday, asking him to "tone down" his rhetoric on immigration. In announcing his candidacy in June, Trump called Mexicans who illegally enter the United States "killers" and "rapists," which has resulted in organizations like the PGA, NASCAR and most recently celebrity chef Jose Andres pulling their business from Trump-owned properties.

Trump has not backed off, instead doubling down on his comments.

"They send them to our stupid politicians and we have sanctuary cities and we have all of this nonsense,'' Trump said about Mexico and immigrants. "I've been saying this for a long time, and this is a disgrace. Frankly, if I didn't bring it up, you wouldn't even be talking about immigration right now."

He doesn't expect his comments to affect support for his campaign.

"Let me tell you about the Latino vote,'' he said. "I will win the Latino vote, because I'm going to put them to work. I'm going to be able to get jobs. I will take jobs back from China. I'll take jobs back from Japan."

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