Domestic abuse victim who was sent to jail speaks out

/ Source: TODAY

A domestic abuse victim who was sentenced to jail for failing to testify in court is speaking out about her experience in an NBC exclusive.

NBC News has agreed to shield the identity of the victim, who was sentenced to three days in jail after she was found in contempt of court for failing to testify against the father of her one-year-old child who is alleged to have choked her and threatened her at knife point.

"I knew I did wrong when I missed the trail," she told NBC News. "But I wasn't expecting her reaction."

In the video of the hearing, Seminole County Judge Jerri Collins is seen criticizing the victim, and ultimately finding her in contempt of court. The video went viral, with many advocates for victims of domestic abuse outraged.

"Unfortunately many victims will remain silent because they will see this and think they can't get the system involved," Jeanne Gold of the Safe House of Seminole County said.

The victim also said that she would have reservations about talking to authorities if she had to do it again.

"I think after everything that happened, I would most likely not call the police at all," she said.

A spokesperson told TODAY that the judge cannot comment on pending or impending cases and the state attorney points out victim testimony is key to "successfully prosecuting each case."

Which is something the victim says she understands.

"I broke the law, and she has every right to do her job," she said.

But after serving her sentence, the victim said she is still not over what happened in court.

"I'm just taking it one day at a time," she said. "There's good days and bad days."