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By Matt Murray

It's official: Facebook's gone to the dogs.

The social media network has always been a great way for people with similar interests to connect, even if those interests involve something as simple as spotting dogs in public places.

Yes, there is actually a group for that — Dogspotting — dedicated to the "sport" of spotting dogs. 

The idea behind the group is simple: 

  1. Spot a dog.
  2. Take a picture of the dog.
  3. Post the picture to the Dogspotting page.
  4. Collect points as other members assign arbitrary scores to your photo.

Dogspotting describes itself as "a noble sport where one spots dogs for points and personal satisfaction" and even offers a "New Member Orientation" slideshow to help spotters understand how the sport works.

The group’s scoring system is based on a variety of details, including the size of the dog, the number of dogs in a picture, what the dog is actually doing in the photo — destroying human property will score you 2 points — but the ultimate win is posting a creative picture with a humorous caption to go with it.



While Dogspotting's purpose may sound mundane, more than 23,000 members on Facebook have jumped on board, while other users are getting in on the fun via Twitter and Tumblr. The group even has a leaderboard displaying users who have earned the most points and promises a "big prize" to the top point earners of the year.

Before you start snapping your own pooch pics, there are two things you should know. First, remember that when spotting a dog, it can't belong to you or a friend. It must be a new dog that you have never met. Secondly, beware of the "reverse spot." If a dog spots you spotting it, the dog gets all your points.

Happy spotting, everyone!