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Dog or purse? This photo might have you going barking mad

Is it a dog? Is it a purse? We can see why there's been some confusion...
/ Source: TODAY

One day, Hannah Murphy was walking with her mom down the sidewalk in Yonkers, New York, when her mom laughed and pointed at an adorable dachshund curled up alongside another woman's patio chair.

Who can resist a dachshund? See for yourself:

How adorable!@dumb_hannah

Only ... is it actually a dog at all?

That question has the internet awhirl. Murphy, who posted a picture of the hound on Twitter, has since received over 450 comments and over 40,000 retweets, because as she states in her tweet, that's no dog!

It's a purse!

Or ... is it?

It's true that most humans are very fond of dogs. So no wonder we'd prefer to see a sweet pet taking a snooze near its human than a lumpy purse left vulnerable to possible thievery.

We can see why there was some confusion...Getty Images / @dumb_hannah

It's just the latest in various photograph optical illusions that have left us seeing double lately, including images of lakes and walls.

And Hannah's mom isn't alone in seeing a live animal instead of an inanimate object:

In the end, we are not going to let this drive us barking mad: We prefer thinking Murphy's mom saw a dog.

Except that it's probably a purse.

What do you think?

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