DIY! Bobbie’s guide to holiday style sparkle

The holidays are here and it's time to glimmer, shimmer and shine. This winter is all about putting on the glitz, and TODAY style editor and Bobbie Thomas is here to highlight ways you can either buy or DIY the season's most dazzling trends:

Shimmering beauty
From our lips to our fingertips, glitter is everywhere and holiday beauty is bursting with shine. ($8, has ladies everywhere eager for some jazz hands with shades such as Sparkle-icious and Bring on the Bling, while ($39, and ($30, both offer an airy mist of glow. While those are hot buys this season, it may be worth your while to DIY as it’s easy and can be cost effective. Mix a pinch of glitter with your body lotion to glisten, or add some to a travel-size bottle of hairspray for luxe-looking locks. Opt for fine or ultra-fine texture and remember: A little loose glitter can go a long way.

Twinkle toes
Most women share a love for shoes, but a pair that sparkles will make you want to click your heels! From fancy flats to party platforms, you'll find a variety of showstoppers to buy this season: ($36.99,; ($99,; ($99.95,; ($195,; ($179-$275,; ($418, However, if you happen to have any worn and torn favorites, this is the perfect DIY project to justify why you have kept them in your closet. Cover up scuffs with a little shimmer by adding glitter to all or part of the shoes, or get creative with tape and make your own designs. Although there are many spray adhesives available to experiment with, hairspray happens to be a fantastic way to help glitter stick to many surfaces. (Loose Glitter, $1.49-$12.99;

Glitzy gams
Got legs? Then slip into something a little more flashy. Trendsetters have been on the hunt for(which have been selling out at stores nationwide) and haute hosiery designs like ($20-$28, and($69, While you can buy the look, it's also easy to DIY and transform a plain pair of tights you already have. Crystal tattoos or rhinestone stickers are quick ways to instantly add a festive flair. Simply pull on your tights and then press on your sticker. For a more intricate design, consider applying individual stones, sequins or studs, using clear nail polish or glue. You may need a friend (willing to pose) or a leg form to wear the pair, unless you’re skilled enough to twist and turn in front of a mirror while applying your vision. (Rhinestone stickers, $1.99-$3.99, blazers
Last but not least, a bejeweled blazer is a great way to top off any dress. These versatile buys will help you dress up a pair of jeans or add some interest to your little black dress: ($99,;($278, But if you’re feeling crafty, you can DIY your own statement-making styles for $10 or less. I promise it’s easy. Even if you can’t thread a needle to quickly stitch on some trim, you could use some spray glue, safety pins or hem tape to attach an appliqué to the label or cuffs of a jacket you already own. (Sequins and trims, $3.98-$11.98;