Disney's 'Elsa' knocks Barbie off top gift list

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By Ben Popken

Barbie just got bumped off by a younger blonde.

The "Elsa" doll from Disney's "Frozen" has replaced Barbie as top gift pick for little girls this holiday season, according to a new survey. It's the first time in the 11-year history of the annual National Retail Federation's Holiday Top Toys Survey that the iconic Mattel doll isn't number one on the list.

Of the 6,593 parents surveyed, 20 percent said they were planning on buying an Elsa doll. Only 16.8 percent said they were buying a Barbie.

It's no surprise as the toy has generated more than $1.25 billion in global sales. Demand has been so strong that there was a temporary worldwide of shortage this spring and summer. Disney company had to airlift dresses. Limited edition dolls were re-selling on eBay in the thousands.

"Children have had it on the mind as far back as Halloween," Prosper's Consumer Insights Director Pam Goodfellow said in an NRF press release.

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