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Disney's animatronic Donald Trump is the robot president of your nightmares

The first photos of the revamped Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World have hit social media, and the new POTUS stand-in really got fans of the theme park talking ... and laughing.
/ Source: TODAY

After taking a year off, Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents has reopened with a new animatronic leading man.

Donald Trump now takes center stage at the popular attraction — or at least his robot double does. Actually, "double" might not be the right word. Somewhat similar? Inspired by?

Well, no matter how you describe it, the new addition will definitely have you doing a double take.

The first photos of the revamped Hall hit social media Monday, and the new POTUS figure really got fans of the Orlando theme park talking — and laughing and making some striking comparisons.

While some thought Trump's so-called look-alike really looked like actor Jon Voight, others thought the resemblance was closer to something out of a sci-fi flick.

Still others weren't sure what the animatronic leader looked like at all, other than nightmare material.

Even the past presidents that surround the robot version of Trump seemed to notice a problem.

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No matter what you think of this not-quite doppelganger, rest assured, it wasn't a rushed job. Disney first anticipated reopening the attraction in June, before rescheduling Trump's debut for the fall and then winter.

But the delays are over, and this is really the result.

Like all past presidents since Bill Clinton, Trump's stand-in delivers a special speech recorded by the real-deal himself. And, in fairness to this not-so-realistic rendering of the commander in chief, that off-appearance is also something he has in common with other modern presidential interpretations in the Hall.

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