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Did you choose the ‘The Biggest Loser’?

TODAY viewers voted for Amber Walker to be a contestant on the TV show.
/ Source: TODAY

NBC’s hit TV reality show lets viewers watch contestants’ dramatic weight-loss transformations. Last season’s winner, Erik Chopin from New York, shed 214 pounds. Season four begins airing in a few months.This time, you were able to vote for someone who you believed deserved a chance to become “The Biggest Loser.” With  more than 13,000 votes cast, Amber Walker, a paramedic from Pasadena, Texas, is the winner and will be a contestant on the show. Here’s Amber’s story:

Amber’s chosen profession demands great emotional and physical prowess. In her words “you don’t choose the accident scene, the accident scene chooses you.” Her physical ability could mean the matter of life and death, and she feels the strain of her exhausting every day, be it performing CPR, carrying the required 50 pounds of equipment, or crawling into tight spaces. After years of taking care of others, Amber must turn her attention to herself. At the age of 30, Amber, who is 5’4” weighs 290 pounds. With a family history of diabetes and cancer, she sees the dangers that lie ahead and realizes better then anyone that she must change her lifestyle.