Is 'Dexter' doomed? Salary talk could kill show

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/ Source: E!online
By Kristin Dos Santos

Well, this isn't very good news at all for "Dexter" fans who cannot imagine a TV world without America's favorite serial killer.

Honestly, can you even think of a Sunday night in which bad guys don't get sliced up into little pieces and stuffed in Hefty bags? The horror.

Our inside sources confirm the Deadline report that Michael C. Hall has been negotiating a salary deal for a potential seventh season of "Dexter" with Showtime, however as of now, no agreement has been reached. Reps for Showtime and Hall have no comment.

So what does this mean for the fate of the series?

Obviously, no Dexter Morgan, no "Dexter." (Though we have to admit, Matsuka does have a nice ring to it. Half-hour comedy spin-off anyone?)

According to Deadline, Hall's contract is up after the current sixth season of "Dexter," which is nearing the end of production, and without a deal in place for another season or two, "Dexter" could conceivably shut down for good.

That said, I'm hearing from insiders that both Hall and Showtime are motivated to keep the series going, especially after Sunday's fantastic premiere, which was the highest rated in the show's history and a serious ratings coup for the network. So we can only hope this is a little hiccup on the road to 20 more seasons, as it should be.

When I spoke to Hall at the start of the current season, he told me this of his longevity on the series: "I'm still enjoying it. You don't want to overstay your welcome, but the past six years have really flown by."

Sounds ... promising?

How many more seasons of "Dexter" would you like to see?