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Determined kid demands apology from Mike Pence after being bopped in the face

When this kid was accidentally elbowed by Vice President Mike Pence during a speech, he was not going to let it go without an apology.
/ Source: TODAY

Even if it meant badgering the vice president of the United States all afternoon, this determined kid was going to get his apology.

Mike Pence was hosting military families at the White House on Tuesday as part of National Military Spouse Appreciation Day when he made the mistake of accidentally elbowing a little kid during his speech.

Pence was gesturing with his arms when he gently brushed the boy in the face.

After the speech, the boy repeatedly tried to get Pence's attention, shaking his head in exasperation as the veep greeted and hugged other children.

"Excuse me ... you owe me an apology," he pestered.

Finally, his persistence paid off, and he got what he so desperately wanted.

"Oh I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to bop you,'' Pence told him.

Mission accomplished.


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