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Oops! Watch this demolition crew accidentally knock down the wrong building

A demolition crew in Baltimore had a rough day at work when they accidentally collapsed a building that was not slated to be demolished.
/ Source: TODAY

This demolition crew shows there are different levels to having a bad day at work.

There's "oops," and then there's "we accidentally demolished the wrong building into a pile of rubble."

Contractors in Baltimore who were called out for an emergency demolition watched in horror on Sunday as they gave the city an unplanned 2-for-1 deal by accidentally knocking down the building next door as well.

The demolition of the property at 212 E. Fort Avenue was captured on video by neighbors, who watched a pile of bricks then topple onto the roof of the building at 214 E. Fort Avenue and send it crashing to the ground in a heap of dust and debris.

The building that was supposed to still be standing at the end of the process was a former pet shop called Laundry Mutt that had been bought for $160,000 and was slated to be developed into a three-bedroom family home, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Baltimore's City Department of Housing had summoned a crew from the company K&K Adams to knock down the building at 212 E. Fort Avenue because of a growing crack in the wall between the two rowhouses that made it unstable.

The owner of the 214 E. Fort Avenue building and the neighbors were not notified in advance because it was an emergency demolition, city officials told The Baltimore Sun.

Joseph Rene, the owner of the accidentally smashed building, seemed to take it in stride.

"We'll rebuild it," Rene told the newspaper. "We have no other option."


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