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Deliver us from eviction: Church gives pizza deliverer $1,000 tip just in time

Natasha Boyer awoke Oct. 4 to find an eviction notice, then headed to her job as a Domino's driver, little knowing a "miracle" was in store.
/ Source: TODAY

Natasha Boyer woke up Oct. 4 to find an eviction notice on her door. Then she headed off to her job as a pizza delivery driver for Domino's, little knowing a "miracle" was about to come her way.

The 21-year-old single mother was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness performed by the congregants of Sycamore Creek Church in Pickerington, Ohio.

"Our church has been pushing congregants to do more acts of kindness, but this is the first time we did it together as a collective group," pastor Steve Markle told TODAY.

When Boyer arrived at the church, the congregants called her up front and asked her the size of the biggest tip she'd ever received. Ten dollars, she replied.

Markle responded by giving her a $9 tip — followed by $1,046.

"I had no idea what was happening," Boyer told TODAY. "They told me to wait 15 minutes because I was going to have to walk up on stage. I was in total shock."

Markle had just finished giving a sermon about a financial miracle, not expecting to make one happen himself. "I called Domino's ahead of time and asked them to pick a delivery driver that wouldn't mind coming up on stage. That's all I knew about her," he told TODAY. "It was cool to see my sermon come to life."

Boyer's eyes filled with tears as she hugged Markle and thanked the congregation. Markle then said a prayer for her and everyone cheered.

Boyer now has enough money to pay her rent plus the late fee. "They saved me. They saved my son," the told TODAY. "I'm forever grateful."