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Delete your commute with new internet jobs

Looking to work from home? AOL's Consumer Advisor lists 6 different ways to switch careers to the web.
/ Source: TODAY

Are you tired of commuting to work on Mondays? Well you don't have to — with just a click of a mouse, you could earn money online. Regina Lewis, AOL's Consumer Advisor lists some exciting opportunities on the internet:

E-Jurors -

The virtual jury is one of the newest tools used in pre-trial research aimed at helping lawyers develop their courtroom presentations, select the best jurors for their cases and reach negotiated settlements. With E-jurors, virtual jurors sign up to participate in a decision-making process aimed at helping lawyers determine what their cases are worth, find facts to emphasize and learn public attitudes. Jurors get paid $5 to $10 per verdict depending on the complexity of the case. This is not a part time job because you don't earn that much money, but it is a good way to learn about the legal process.

Here's how it works: After registering on the site, eJurors are assigned cases. Cases are assigned by county and region, so it's hard to say how many cases may come you way. The facts of each case are presented online, along with any diagrams or other relevant information. eJurors read the "Plaintiff's" perspective and the "Defendants" perspective and then answer a series of "Jury Questions," designed to gauge their feelings about the case and the evidence presented.

  • The Web site indexes responses to questions and makes them available if they are pertinent to future queries.
  • The site is free for users and currently has about 2,500 guides. Targeted ads appear next to results.

Virtual Assistant -

Virtual assistants are gaining popularity, particularly among small-business owners who do not need or cannot afford full-time office staff, or have limited or no office space. Virtual assistants work as an administrative assistant or virtual offices manager from home. Depending on the needs of your client, you may work "on call" or set your own schedule, but in all cases, you're virtual, working from your home for clients who may be based in your community or on another continent, communicating via e-mail, Instant Messaging, phone and fax.

Responsibilities may include scheduling meetings, handling travel arrangements, billing, bookkeeping, Website updates ... but one thing's for sure, you won't have to make the coffee;)

  • Virtual assistants typically earn between $20 and $45 per hour.
  • Virtual training is available at , and the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA offers a certification program.

Virtual Concierge -

Handle phone, e-mail and online customer inquiries for services that range from making dinner suggestions and reservations to planning a vacation for busy professionals. Some of the off-beat requests that have come in to VIPDesk Virtual Concierges include: A caller asking to locate the dress Julia Roberts wore in "Ocean's Eleven," a request to rent monkeys for a birthday party, and help writing a speech for a best man?

  • VIPdesk's clients are executives and employees of some of the top companies in the world, all of whom are willing to pay for such services of convenience.
  • VIPdesk hires home-based agents who are highly resourceful and have prior experience in high-end customer service, travel and/or hospitality. Pay starts at $14.00 per hour. You can apply online at

Paid Blogger -

PayPerPost connects advertisers with bloggers and other consumer content creators in order to develop and distribute content throughout the blogosphere . Advertisers compensate bloggers to promote their products, services and websites. If you're hired, you would write and share your opinion about various websites, products, service or companies.

Help Someone Search the Web, Find Answers - is a new search engine that is similar to Yahoo or Google, but users have the ability to request the free help of a live guide. That live guide is sitting at home making money while he or she assists with the online search. When a user asks a question, a guide responds in a live chat window, providing a link that will contain the answer to the user's question, as well as a snippet from the Web page referenced.

  • pays "guides" up to $10 per hour spent searching for Web sites that contain answers to user questions. Guides invite other guides to the site and can then earn 10 percent of what the invited guides earn.
  • There are 4 levels of guides: apprentice, pro, master and elite. Guides earn reputations based on user r1)

Viral Videos -

Online video sharing and viral videos are super-hot right now and sites like are raking in advertising dollars with each click of the mouse. But on Revver, the content creators — the people who upload the videos - have a chance to share ad revenue generated by the viewers who click through ads placed at the end of the videos. Revver splits the ad revenue 50/50 with the content producers.

  • The harder you work to promote your own videos, the more money you're likely to earn. (The site has some very specific rules. Most importantly, the material must be created by the person or team that uploads the video).
  • "Mentos & Coke" Hit it big on Revver for $28,000+: The "Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment" video clip that was a huge online hit last summer ... in one 6 week period the video was viewed 5 million times on, netting the creators a cool $28,000.

Note: YouTube recently announced it is planning to implement similar ad revenue sharing model.