Dad-ppelgängers? These look-alike dads have us seeing double

/ Source: TODAY

If you couldn't handle "lol," "wtf" or "omg," you might not be ready for the latest slang word to join our ever-growing millennial vocabulary: Dadppelgänger.

OK, maybe it hasn't yet caught on in all 50 states. But on the internet, at least, one Reddit user managed to make "father doppelganger" a thing.

In a post that's been gaining tons of attention, user notevenbro uploaded a photo of his father alongside his dad's look-alike, captioning it: "My dad bumped into his Dadppelgänger at the airport in Newark."

These guys are enough alike that they'd notice each other walking through an airport terminal. Even a super crowded one. I mean, they're practically DAD TWINS.

Perhaps the chance encounter went down like a scene out of "The Parent Trap," with the two of them locking eyes before holding up their respective, torn halves of a photo of a lawnmower ... ripped right down the middle.

Okay, maybe this isn't exactly separated-at-birth material. But with matching pants, shirts, glasses, belts and, yes, even receding hairlines, it's still a pretty magical coincidence.

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