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Curtain solutions for every room in your house

Easily transform a space by playing up its strengths and diminishing its weaknesses with drapes. Chassie Post from Domino shows you how.
/ Source: Weekend Today

Have you got a problem room in your home? It's too dark, has low ceilings or is just plain boring? One solution may surprise you — new curtains. Chassie Post, contributing style editor at Domino magazine, visited “Weekend Today” with some style solutions for the windows in your home.

In the same way that you might choose an outfit to maximize your body's best features and minimize your worst, curtains can do the same thing for a room.

Some of the most common problems can be fixed with new curtains:

  • Low ceilings
  • Dark rooms
  • Rooms in need of color and glamour
  • Sprucing up old curtains

Problem #1: How to make low ceilings appear taller
To make ceilings look taller, hang the curtain rod 6 to 12 inches above the window molding to visually extend the window's height. Another tip is to paint the curtain rod and brackets the same color as the wall, which will create the illusion of height and make the rods disappear. Before buying curtains, measure the length from the curtain rod to the floor. The general rule is always buy long — you can hem them later (a dry cleaner or tailor could also do this inexpensively). Try Anthropologie's Marrakech Curtains with their great intricate embroidery that looks hand made. ($178 per panel)

Problem #2: How to brighten a dark room
Hang your curtains “wide” as they say in the design world — meaning hang the curtains on the outside of the actual window frame. No part of the window should be covered by the curtain. This way, when you push back the curtains you see the whole window, allowing as much light as possible through. Curtains with a metallic gold damask pattern are very versatile because metallics are like neutrals, and can go with almost any color. Also, metallics are a huge trend not only in home décor but also in fashion this spring. Try Pine Cone Hill Guilded Giovanni Panels, $95 per panel.

Problem #3: How to add glamour or color to any room
Another trick to make any curtain look more glamorous and romantic, allow them to “puddle” on the floor. That means leaving up to four extra inches in length at the bottom. It used to be that high quality and luxury curtains would have to be custom made, but now you can get the same look for less. The key is that the fabric should be heavily lined, which adds body and weight. Try Silk Trading Company Mila Style Panel, $129 per panel.

Problem #4: How to spruce up existing curtains
If you are tired of your curtains but aren't ready to invest in new ones, just jazz up or embellish your existing curtains by adding ribbon or trim. One of the secret weapons in interior design is trim (or ribbon), which makes everything look expensive and custom made. Add it to the inside edge and bottom of your existing curtain panels to completely change the look. Any sewing store will have trim starting at just $2 a yard. A standard 4x7 curtain panel needs about three yards of trim. For under $20 you'll have a whole new look. Textured Linen Panel by West Elm, $49 per panel