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Cricket player loses prosthetic leg and still makes the save! Watch the unbelievable clip

Liam Thomas valiantly dove to keep an out-of-bounds ball in play despite losing a (prosthetic) limb in the process!
/ Source: TODAY

It's human nature to make excuses when things don't go as planned. That is, unless you're English cricket player Liam Thomas, who valiantly dove to keep a ball from going out of bounds despite losing a limb in the process!

Thomas was competing with a team of physically disabled Englishmen against Pakistan when he lost his prosthetic leg making a memorable save in Dubai last week.

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“It just happened, really. I was sprinting for the ball, put my hand out, hit the deck hard and the next thing I know I stood up and had no leg,” Thomas told CNN.

“I didn't know whether to grab the leg or get the ball in," he recalled. "I decided to go for the ball.”

He believes that the heat may have expanded the socket and caused the leg to loosen.

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Thomas wasn't injured by the fall, and said that his teammates had enjoyed "taking the mickey" (having a laugh) over the whole ordeal.

England, unfortunately, lost the game. But Thomas won the respect of everyone who has seen the now-famous clip.

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