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Couple recreates duet from Disney's 'Up' for their 62nd wedding anniversary

A couple celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary has found the perfect way to show just how much their own love story mirrors the movies.
/ Source: TODAY

A Utah couple celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary has found the perfect way to show just how much their own love story is like Carl and Ellie's from the hit Disney movie "Up."

In an adorable video created by their grandson, YouTube star Jason Lyle Black, the couple pay homage to the movie with a piano duet of the song "Married Life,'' complete with props like Carl's thick glasses and Ellie's "Adventure Book."

"My grandparents are a great example of just quiet, ordinary people who live a simple, dedicated life,'' Black told "There's millions of other couples out there like them, and it's cool for everyone to get that reminder of the loyalty that can exist. This is #relationshipgoals to end all #relationshipgoals. It takes a lot of dedication to make it 60 years.''

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Black had previously created a hit YouTube homage to the movie "Frozen,'' and when thinking of doing a video about an older couple who had lived a life of married love and dedication, he didn't have to look far. His grandparents raised a large family with nine children and remain a great testament to marriage and commitment.

"My grandparents are in their 80s and have played piano duets for years, so I figured they would be perfect,'' he said. "My concern for them was they're well into their 80s and it's not exactly the age where you're wanting to become a rock star, but they were interested and excited about the video."

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Black has chosen not to put their names out there publicly for the sake of their privacy. The video took several months of work between writing the arrangement based on the song and getting the props together. Black wrote in the video description that it was their 60th anniversary, but said they actually celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary in September and he just wanted to put a round number similar to the time Carl and Ellie were married in the movie.

"They loved it,'' Black said. "We actually got together for a private family 'premiere' on Sunday night. Grandma made cookies and we had a fun little get-together.''

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