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Couple with Feb. 14 birthdays gets married on Valentine's Day

The groom's last name is also such a wild coincidence!
/ Source: TODAY

Valentine’s Day was memorable in more ways than one for this bride and groom!

Newlyweds Lacey and Tyler tied the knot on Feb. 14 in Morrison, Colorado, but holding the wedding on the most romantic day of the year was just one reason their day was extra special.

For one thing, they also happen to both have birthdays on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's day couple
The couple's relationship is full of romantic coincidences.KUSA

“The love we have for each other is truly a fairy tale! Everything we have lived through before has led us to a beautiful life together,” the couple wrote on their wedding website. “We will be not only celebrating our nuptials, but our 27th & 30th birthday as well!”

Over the years, the couple said they’ve had to produce their IDs to prove their shared birthdays.

"I think everybody we tell, they all freak out and they don’t believe us," the bride told Denver’s local NBC affiliate, KUSA.

As if that coincidence wasn’t enough, the groom’s last name happens to be Valentine, and Lacey is taking his name — so from now on, they will be known as Mr. and Mrs. Valentine.

“He’s my forever Valentine!” Lacey said.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Valentine!
The new Mr. and Mrs. Valentine!KUSA / TODAY

Now, they will celebrate their wedding anniversary, their birthdays and Valentine’s Day on one special day. The couple joked that they would kick off their combined celebrations by having their wedding cake do double duty as a birthday cake.

“We’ll throw some candles on the wedding cake and just have everybody sing,” Lacey said.

As they held their black-and-red themed wedding on Sunday, Tyler Valentine reflected on the twists of fate that had brought them together.

“It’s funny how the world works and how things were aligned perfectly for us to meet and become partners for life,” he said.