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Cornucopias of fun for your fall table

Try creating these festive centerpieces for your fall feasts
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Now that Halloween is over, you can decorate your home with something other than carved pumpkins. On NBC’s “Today” show, lifestyle contributor Susie Coelho says it’s fun and easy to create cornucopias from the fall harvest. Read her tips for creating these festive centerpieces below.

FESTIVE FUN FOR FALL Cornucopias are a beautiful traditional way to decorate your fall table. And fall is a great time for this kind of decoration because there are so many vegetables, such as pumpkins, gourds, corn and squash, and other natural decorations, like leaves and wheat, that are available at this time of year. Many people have them in their homes around Thanksgiving as they traditionally signify an abundant harvest. Cornucopias are easy to put together and create a beautiful look on a dining or buffet table. You can start by using items you may have left over from Halloween.


This display is the traditional cornucopia. You can use pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, excelsior and a simple and fun fall ribbon. Start by stuffing the inside of the basket with excelsior, so the gourds have something to sit on and don’t just fall in on one another. Then you simply lay them out in no particular order, finishing off with bittersweet for some height. Try to be creative, but don’t forget that you’re not sending it off to be displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can tie a ribbon around the basket for added color. Try to use something that will pick up the color tones in the gourds, to create a look that is more uniform.


For this cornucopia, you can use different color tones. Try spraying the basket with spray paint to get a more dramatic look. It’s quick and easy to paint the vegetables. For this cornucopia, use the same principles as the first one, but this time, try filling your cornucopia with harvest vegetables. Also, rather than using the excelsior, try lining the basket with kale as a filler. For these, try to choose color tones that match your tablecloth, place settings, etc., and gather inexpensive items that go with the same theme.

BEADED FRUIT CORNUPIA You can buy beaded fruit at any crafts or import store; each piece of fruit is usually two to three dollars. They’re very popular right now, so they can be found all over. Beaded fruits are made from Styrofoam, so they’re light and add a wonderful brightness and texture to a table. Combine these with gold organza fabric and a spray-painted gold basket. This centerpiece is great if you’ve got a long table because you can trail the ends of the ribbon down each side and end it with a pear or bunch of berries. If you have an extremely large table you could have two cornucopias back to back each facing one end of the table so all of your guests have a view of the centerpiece.

Susie Coelho is the lifestyles contributor to NBC’s “Today” show.