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Conan's Triumph-ant return to NBC's 'Late Night'

The comedian stopped by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday to pick up something he left behind when he departed from the network.
/ Source: E!online

Well, it looks like it's finally happened. Hell has frozen over.

Proving there's no hard feelings—or at least none against Jimmy Fallon—Conan O'Brien treated us to a moment we thought we'd never see last night, when he made a particularly, well, Triumph-ant return to NBC's "Late Night."

Shortly after Fallon completed his monologue and was safely behind his desk, Conan casually strode out from behind the curtain, surprising the audience by walking out onto set.

After letting the rousing, standing ovation greeting subside, Conan explained the reason for his visit.

"I was in New York and I decided I wanted to come by, check out my old studio," he said. And engage in a little awkward comedy, of course.

"You were here for 16 years, and then what happened?" a faux-forgetful Fallon asked his "Late Night" predecessor.

Through some fake forced laughter—and to real laughter from the audience—O'Brien replied, "Don't you worry about that, you're a young all worked out fine."

"Anyhoo, I came by for a reason, which is I left something here, something important to me," he said, reaching behind a cushion on the guest seat and pulling out, to yet more applause, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

"It's still here, that's crazy...I can't believe you didn't notice that. It's so obvious."

"We could have used that," Fallon joked.

Having got what he came for, Conan took his puppet and went home, leaving his successor with one parting comment.

"You're a good man, Jimmy Fallon."

Somehow, we get the feeling those are the last kind words he'll have for a late-night NBC host for a long, long time.

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