Comedian Celeste Barber recreates celebrity poses, showing how ridiculous they are

/ Source: TODAY

As Internet users, TV watchers, and consumers of media in general, we are inundated with images of celebrities. Often these images are glossy, professional works where the star is striking a standout pose. Sometimes they’re just totally indulgent selfies, and many of us get to wondering, “Could I pull that look off?”

The answer, for Aussie comedian Celeste Barber, is a resounding “No,” but it’s sure fun — and funny — to try.

Barber is giving us a new, LOL-worthy perspective on celebrity pics by posting some on her Instagram account alongside photos of herself recreating the star’s poses. The series is called #Celestechallengeaccepted, and it’s hilarious.

Barber told TODAY that she started the project as “a bit of fun.” She may not have expected it to gain so much attention so quickly.

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“I have gone from 500-25K [followers] in a week!” Barber told TODAY. “I’m really starting to get a sense of how the Kardashians feel, the struggle is real!”

Barber replied to TODAY by email about two days ago. She now has more than 51,000 followers.

What’s magical about the photo series is that it’s not mean-spirited. Undoubtedly the person Barber is mocking the most is herself.

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“I want to see how hot, sexy, relaxed, intelligent, [and] stupid I would look recreating these photos,” Barber said. “Fair to say I look pretty ridiculous.”

Barber, who has just wrapped up filming the show, "How Not To Behave," said she’s going to keep going with the series.

“I’m really enjoying it,” she said. “I hope to do some challenges with some of my subjects.”

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As for her subjects, Barber hasn’t yet heard from any of the celebrities she depicts.

“I look over my shoulder when I’m dropping my kids to school and I'm waiting for a knock on my door late at night from Kayne,” Barber joked. “I keep a baseball bat under my bed.”