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Cojocaru, Carrie and the tale of the lost necklace

Our style guru brings you the latest news about celebrity fashions and trends, including the latest on Sarah Jessica's missing bauble.
/ Source: TODAY

Sarah Jessica Parker’s fabulous new necklace.  The habit celebrities are trying to lick. And why getting fired is getting trendy. All that and more from “Today” contributor and style maven Steven Cojocaru.

From trinket to treasure: Carrie Bradshaw signature necklaces
Talk about going up in the world! When in last Sunday’s episode of “Sex and the City,” Sarah Jessica Parker lost the $125 gold-plated “Carrie” necklace that she has rarely been seen without, it was replaced with a $55,000, diamond-encrusted model! Yes, fifty-five big ones!  Carrie’s generous gem provider was her latest boyfriend, Aleksander Petrovsky (Mikhail Barishnikov), who told her that if she can't have her Carrie necklace then the least he can do is give a "necklace for Carrie."

Though in the incident happened in Paris, the new necklace is from New York. It’s by famed jeweler Fred Leighton, who put the piece together in less than 24 hours after Sarah Jessica Parker called up Leighton personally and put in a special request for a custom-made necklace.

Parker specified how many diamonds she wanted and exactly how she wanted the necklace to look. The result: a diamond bead necklace with approximately 22.5 carats of faceted diamond beads on a platinum chain. (Available at Fred Leighton, New York, 212-288-1872.)

And although Carrie lost her original 14 carat gold necklace, you can still get one at

“You’re Fired” Tanks and Tees: Would The Donald be seen in one of these?
These shirts are inspired by the hit reality show "The Apprentice," and in particular those now-famous words New York real-estate mogul Donald trump utters at the end of every show. They’re not available in the Big Apple, though -- they’re to be found at the Intuition boutique in Los Angeles (and on Better move fast – everytime a shipment arrives from the maker, Priorities, they sell out within a day. The tanks are $36 and the tees go for $40.

You don’t have to be a princess to be in the market for one of these purses
Can’t afford (or wait for) one of those crazy-expensive Kelly bags from a certain French leather-goods store?  No worries – for about a twentieth of the price, the next "it" purse offers a new, funny take on the Kelly bag (named after Grace Kelly). Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera are customers, and at $60 a pop, who can blame them? In addition to being a great "schlep" bag it's the perfect size to tote their pint-sized puppies. Available at Intuition, Los Angeles, and at

Calling Mick Jagger! Brown sugar edible body powder hits LA!
You know that celebrities love anything fat-free -- well, now their make-up comes fat-free! Valerie Beverly Hills, a swanky LA-area beauty salon, is introducing a sweetly edible take on its signature fairy dust body powder that actually smells and tastes like brown sugar (and it’s 100% edible and fat free). Tinted in a sparkling beige- bronze, the dust will add a sweet- and edible - touch to the season. Tori Spelling, Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Rachel Hunter can't seem to get enough of it. Priced at $55, it’s available starting March 1. Call 1-800-282-5374.

Are you there, Oscar nominees? Can you hear me?
As if this year’s Oscar nominees don’t have enough already, they’re not only going to Motorola’s hot new V600 cellphone for free but also ahead of everyone else. The V600 will be hand-delivered to the stars in a custom-made box in the shape of an old-time film camera that features an audio snippet of Mel Torme's classic rendition of "You Oughta be in Pictures." Available to the public in March, the phones will retail for about $300. Details at

Aye Carumba! Daisy’s duds for Kohl’s look set to be a big hit
Kmart has Jaclyn Smith (and Martha Stewart) ... Target has Isaac Mizrahi ... Now Kohl's has Daisy Fuentes! The Cuba-born fashion model/TV personality (MTVs “House of Fashion” and WE’s “Style World”) has developed a day-to-night clothing collection based on her personal style. The line, which features separate tops and bottoms priced to appeal to Kohl's core customer, includes trendy pieces such as: tweed jackets, cashmere tees, comfy and sexy lace tees, and groovy pin-striped pants.

Although the line does not officially launch until March 1, it looks set to be a big hit. The Kohl's people were curious and decided to do a test-run of the merchandise, so they sent large shipments of the line to five stores this past weekend. The result: Within two days, all the stores were sold out.