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Cojo: Julianne Moore’s sexy sandals and more!

Style guru Steven Cojocaru shares a look at favorite footwear of the Oscar-nominated actress, what's got dogs speaking in foreign tongues and other must-have items of the celeb set
/ Source: TODAY

Why Julianne Moore is in a sandal scandal, why Iron Maiden is back and how Hollywood celebs are teaching their dogs to speak in foreign tongues. Contributor and celebrity-style expert Steven Cojocaru was invited to appear on “Today” to discuss all this and more. Here's the lowdown on the items he discussed on the show:

Dolce & Gabbana zodiac baguette and belt
What's your sign? You don't need a psychic to predict the special gift in your future. The extraordinarily lavish collection of D&G's jewel-embellished Zodiac baguettes and belts are inspired by the stars (the celestial kind, that is) and created especially for you. You customize your own baguette or belt by adding your personal hand-crafted Swarovski crystal-embellished zodiac sign. The signs are removable and can be mixed and matched to the bag or baguette of your choice, creating your very own distinct D&G design.  Available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Dolce & Gabbana boutiques, 212-249-4100

  • Whip-snakeskin baguette, $1,575
  • Gold baguette, $1,330
  • Whip-snakeskin belt, $765
  • Gold belt, $650

Derma Roller by Leaf and Rusher
Be prepared to be rolled over! The Derma Roller is considered to be the modern-day magic wand of skin care. According to the makers, you can see and feel immediate results just by rolling your Derma Roller over your face to smooth on your favorite skin-care product. The Derma Roller has 200 stainless-steel micropoints that painlessly create thousands of tiny channels in the outer layer of the skin, allowing vitamins, enzymes and lipids to penetrate more deeply.  Available at , $85

Tracey Ross “Nancy” sandal
What do Eve, Julianne Moore and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas have in common? They all met a sandal named "Nancy" and have fallen in love. This exquisite sandal by Tracey Ross is made of luxurious taupe suede and divine black snakeskin. It has sexy, thin ankle straps, a single strap across the front of the shoe and a leather piece that zips up the back. This sandal is sexy and sophisticated enough to be dressed up with your favorite outfit or worn with a pair of jeans or cropped pants.Available at Tracey Ross, 310-854-1996, $495

Dog-E-TagTeach your dog how to speak five languages with a clip of a tag — Dog-E-Tag. You can program up to 40 lines of text in this fun and ingenious device that looks like a mini-computer screen. Your dog can communicate important information via this adorable device, including where he or she lives, important phone numbers, medical information and their diet of choice — South Beach maybe? No need to hire that foreign-language tutor; the Dog-E-Tag can be programmed in English, German, Italian, Spanish or French. Dogs everywhere will never leave home without it!  Available at , $40

Iron Maiden canvas tote by Loop
Say it with Iron-Ons. Do you have something important you'd like to share, but just didn't know how? Well, now you can make your message known by ironing it on your one-of-a-kind carry-all. Accent your statement ("I Love Carbs," "Sweet N Vicious," "Funk Me" or "Buck Off" ) with a unicorn, skull-and-crossbones, lightning bolts ... the possibilities are endless! Iron-ons can also be used on T-shirts, jeans, whatever. Each bag comes with one sheet of iron-on letters and another of fun graphics and pictures. Available in green, pink and black.Available at , $27