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From cocktails to cubicles, the best hairstyles

Hairstylist Harry Josh shares secrets for hair that gets you what you want.
/ Source: TODAY

Whether an updo or a shoulder length — your hairstyle says a lot about who you are. And choosing the right one just might help you land that new job, or make you a hit at your next event. Harry Josh from the John Freida Salon suggests the most appropriate hairstyle for whatever life throws at you:

First date/night on the town Whether you are in your 20's, 30's, 40's first impressions are huge. I always suggest when going on your first date to come off carefree, loose, relaxed and causal. So your hair should definitely reflect that.

Hair down is a must, make sure you're not overly groomed. The key to getting this look is texture, make sure you use a lot of mousse to allow for playable texture, do a light diffuse to keep it tousled and finish the look off by using a curling iron.

The job interview You want a potential employer focused on you, not distracted by a frizzfest.

In today's world women at all ages are going for interviews  at all levels of employment. Having that first impression with your future boss is crucial and should make a statement. I recommend what I call "the power ponytail" because it makes the ordinary ponytail look sharp, professional, sleek and very business like.

By pulling the hair off your face you're telling your boss "I'm not hiding anything and I'm ready to work." This sleek look lets you still be womanly, but it doesn't come off too aggressive or matronly as the buns and updos of the past have done.

The key to this look is shine. Before you blow out the hair, you must use a serum to make your blow out look sleek and polished when you pull it back.

The big event Women often can do the day-to-day looks, but have a hard time figuring out what to do when it comes to a special or important event. Trying to achieve an elegant updo on your own at home can be really difficult. Save yourself the hassle by going for a look that is modern and glamorous — beautiful waves. You can do this yourself and it's so sophisticated — a throw back to old Hollywood with a modern feel. Shinny hair conveys energy, and that's what we want to see during a special event. 

To achieve this look the most important thing is hairspray, to hold those starlit waves in place all night.

More hair tips:

Don’t be stiff
You have to think about a hairstyle that moves.  Remember, make-up does not move but your hair does. 

Make a good first impression When you're heading out on that night on the town, you really want to be understated.  Think carefree, casual and cool.  You want the guy to think — with your hairstyle — that this is someone that is really cool and interesting.  You want to look relaxed and you want you hair to be relaxed.  It should reflect your personality.  Don't make it harsh. 

Don’t overdo itWomen often go too much and over do their hair.  The idea of "the bigger the hairstyle the better" isn't always true.