Chuck Todd on Hillary Clinton: What the standout email could tell us

/ Source: TODAY

The latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails released publicly includes several exchanges that could raise more questions than answers about why she used a private computer server to send government-related email, said NBC’s Chuck Todd.

About 7,000 pages of emails written by Clinton while she served as secretary of state for the Obama administration were released late Monday by the State Department. One of those emails was from Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, indicating that the department's information technology team didn’t know Clinton had a personal email address.

“How is this more convenient, to have your own home brew system,” said Todd, the Meet the Press moderator, on TODAY. “Who has IT at home? Isn’t it easier for anybody out there to get your email via work? I actually think that excuse is the one that’s the least believable.”

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About 150 of the emails released Monday had information redacted because of information now deemed to require classification, the State Department said. The information was not identified as classified when Clinton sent or received the emails.

Todd said "there is no evidence" to suggest that Clinton knowingly passed around classified information.

"I still think the most logical explanation: She was trying to get out of congressional action and Freedom of Information Act requests," he said.

Clinton’s email problem has created friction among Democratic elites who don’t know how to help a campaign they feel isn’t providing necessary explanations to the party’s leaders, Todd said.

It’s also raised the ire within members of the Clinton campaign, including former President Bill Clinton, who are “annoyed that there aren’t more surrogates out there defending Hillary Clinton on this.”