Chuck Schumer: Democrats won't 'oppose things just because Trump's name is on it'

/ Source: TODAY

On a day in which dozens of Democratic leaders are boycotting Donald Trump's inauguration, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said the party is not looking to block all aspects of Trump's agenda once he's in office.

"There are certain issues, if he sticks to good values that we believe in, we'll work with him,'' Schumer told Matt Lauer on TODAY Friday. "We're not going to oppose things just because Trump's name is on it."

The Democratic senator from New York cited areas like trade and the nation's infrastructure as possible issues where the two parties could work together, but admitted the majority of Trump's agenda is in opposition to the views of the Democrats.

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"On most areas, we're going to have to fight him, and we'll fight him tooth and nail,'' Schumer said.

Schumer added that if Trump wants to "drain the swamp" in Washington, as Trump often said during his presidential campaign, he needs to divest his business holdings.

"The last thing he said there is he wants to drain the swamp,'' Schumer said. "Well, first he can start at the top. He can get rid of all his holdings. When you have such a large amount of holdings, there are going to be conflicts of interest, or at least the appearance of conflicts of interest.

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"Get rid of your holdings, and make your cabinet do it, too, and so far they've resisted. This swamp is getting more filled with alligators."

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