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Christian Bale calls young leukemia patient in hospital

Christian Bale.
Christian Bale.Justin Lane / EPA file / Today

Christian Bale has hung up the cape, but he continues to perform good deeds. The actor known for playing Batman recently spoke with Zach, an eight-year-old Batman fanatic who is fighting leukemia.

In a video posted on YouTube Friday, Zach seemed a bit shy, but at his mother’s prodding told Bale about how he pretends to be Batman and has convinced his younger brother he actually is the Dark Knight.

“Oh really? He believes that you are,” Bale said before breaking into laughter.

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Zach also told the actor about his cardboard Batmobile and his realistic Batman costume. Bale found common ground with the young fan by telling him about England, which he said was similar to Zach’s native Seattle.

“I don’t know if you can hear it in my voice, but I wasn’t born in America,” Bale said. “I was actually born in a country called England. A lot of people tell me that Seattle is a lot like England, because it’s kind of rainy.”

Bale thanked Zach for watching his films and said the boy embodied the film’s message. “The whole point of the movie is anybody can be Batman. Anybody can be as strong as that and help people and put good out into the world,” Bale said.

As Bale wrapped up the chat, he said he’d tell “the lady who plays Catwoman” (Anne Hathaway) -- and, yes, even the man who played the evil Bane (Tom Hardy) -- about their conversation.

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“Even though he was not a good guy in the film, the man who played him is a very good guy. I’ll tell him ... and the director as well,” Bale said. “He loves to hear when I speak to someone who is a big fan of the movies. It makes us all so happy.”

Bale ended the conversation by saying speaking with Zach had made his day.

In addition to chatting with Zach, Bale previously flew the family of a young cancer patient to Disneyland to have lunch with him and his family. He also visited victims of the mass shooting at a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colorado.

Learn more about Zach’s life and battle with leukemia at his ZachAttacksLeukemia Facebook page.

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