Choir students' lip dub done in 8-minute continuous shot goes viral

Forty-seven students, over 50 pop songs, one continuous camera shot in a single take, and...action!

The members of the Highland Trouveres student choir at Idaho’s Highland Senior High School and their choir director Bret Scherer teamed up to create a YouTube video now going viral, featuring the students dancing and lip-syncing to a nearly eight-minute medley of pop hits, all filmed in one take.

The continuous camera shot follows the singers through the halls and between the lockers in their high school before taking a brief trip outside and then back into the auditorium, as students pop in and out of the shot while the songs they sing along to change.

The video, which had racked up more than 230,000 views by Friday afternoon, was planned out by Scherer and seniors Ben Fischer and Bryton Nield. Every year the choir puts on a spring show, where they typically show a video during intermission, so the group came up with the idea to shoot a lip dub after seeing a similar video on YouTube featuring one continuous take.

The 47 choir members filmed the whole thing about seven or eight times, according to Scherer, before recording the take that was posted online.

“We were laughing the whole time,’’ Scherer told “It was so much fun. I was surprised how easy it was to put together. The kids are just really talented.’’

Scherer handled the sound, while Fischer and Nield handed the camera back and forth to each other during filming, while also occasionally jumping in front of the lens to be in the video. They had to film the video at 6:30 a.m. while the school was still empty.

“We spent quite a bit of time talking about how we were going to pull it off,’’ Scherer said. “The more I look at it, the more I wish we did a couple more takes, because the main challenge was getting the kids out of the way of the camera because the hallways are so narrow and there are so many kids, but it was a great time.’’

The choir initially only planned on showing it to a few people before airing it at their spring show.

“I didn’t even know we would put it on YouTube, and then I wake up one day and it’s up to 180,000 hits,’’ Scherer said. “We didn’t expect that at all. We just did it for ourselves for fun.’’

The group that has to make a video for the intermission of next year’s spring show now has a tough act to follow.

“We might do a country one, or maybe some little sitcom for ourselves,’’ Scherer said. “The whole thing is just kind of funny to me.’’

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