Chocolate postage stamps put the 'mmm' in mail

One of the stamps in Bpost's chocolate collection.
One of the stamps in Bpost's chocolate collection.AFP/Getty Images

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By Meena Hart Duerson
One of the stamps in the Belgian postal service's chocolate collection.AFP/Getty Images

What better way to dress up a love letter than with a delicious chocolate stamp? The Belgian postal service, BPost, introduced a unique collection of stamps last week that have been made to smell and taste like chocolate.

Chocolate stamps.AFP/Getty Images

The creators mixed chocolate flavoring into the glue of the stamps using cocoa essential oils, so you get a taste of chocolate when you lick and stick your stamp.

A worker looks at sheets of chocolate stamps at the Bpost (belgian post) postage stamp press in Mechelen, Belgium.Geert Vanden Wijngaert / AP

Re-creating the taste of Belgian chocolate was a difficult process, the agency said in a press release. It required collaboration from experts in four countries: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

One of the stamps in Bpost's chocolate collection.AFP/Getty Images

The "Chocolat" collection includes five designs, paying tribute to different types of chocolate such as praline and chocolate spread. It will be released on March 25 — just a little too late for Valentine's Day.

A sheet from the collection of Bpost stamps that taste and smell like chocolate.AFP/Getty Images

And unfortunately, if you don't live in Belgium you won't be able to get a taste of these stamps, though the U.S. postal service has reportedly thought about selling flavored stamps of its own, even toying with an "Appletini" flavor for New York.

Hey, USPS: Maybe this could be a way to get Saturday delivery back!


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