Chinese reporter covers earthquake in wedding gown

A career-focused TV reporter in China abandoned her wedding preparation just minutes before the ceremony to cover a massive earthquake that hit the nation’s southern province over the weekend.

A now viral video shows Chen Ying interviewing people on the street while wearing her wedding gown, veil and a wrist corsage. Local reports indicate she had been getting her makeup done when the quake hit.

"I am standing at the Holiday Plaza. Fifteen minutes ago, a strong quake struck. But there haven't been casualties in this area where I am standing," she says into the camera, microphone in hand, before she starts to interview people on the street.

The Saturday morning earthquake struck China’s Sichuan province with a 6.6 magnitude, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, although China’s seismological bureau gauged the quake at 7.0. At least 188 people died and more than 11,500 were injured as a result of the earthquake, according to state media reports.

The Nation reports that Ying eventually resumed her wedding plans in a shortened ceremony but then returned to work.