Carnegie Deli’s pastrami maven dies at 90

/ Source: The Associated Press

A longtime partner at New York's iconic Carnegie Deli has died at age 90.

Milton Parker died Friday of respiratory failure, according to his daughter, Marian Levine.

Parker was responsible for the enormous sandwiches at the famous New York City deli. His business card said Milton Parker CPM, for Corned beef and Pastrami Maven.

The Carnegie Deli has long been popular with tourists as well as celebrities like Jackie Mason and Woody Allen. Allen filmed scenes from his movie “Broadway Danny Rose” there.

Parker and two partners bought the deli from its previous owners in 1976. One partner sold his share, and a second, Leo Steiner, died in 1987.

Parker retired in 2002 and turned the buiness over to his son-in-law, Sanford Levine.