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Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan on finding our way out of the dark during vulnerable times

During these uncertain times, "we discover another longing in the human heart, the yearning to trust," Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan writes in an essay for TODAY.
Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan
Cardinal Timothy M. DolanJemal Countess / Getty Images

We all like to be “in the know.” We want things to be predictable so we can make our plans. We are very uncomfortable when we’re “in the dark” and can’t predict what will happen next.

We very much like to be in control, not to be caught off guard. Well, so much for all of that! These days find us all with far more questions than answers, much more “in the dark” about things than illuminated, coping with the unpredictable rather than our usual routine.

It dawns on us that, in many ways, we are all vulnerable, and not as much in control as we thought. So we discover another longing in the human heart, the yearning to trust.

God told the people of Israel, “Be still, and trust that I am God.” Jesus taught, “Fear is useless. What is needed is trust.” So, we trust the realistic precautions that professionals are giving us.

Yes, we are confident in the care and vigilance offered by our courageous and indefatigable physicians and health care workers.

We even listen carefully to our civic leaders, and to our media professionals who keep us posted and in touch.

Most of all, we trust in our common sense and the innate wisdom deep within ... and in the God who gave those gifts to us, and who daily invites us to trust in Him.

As “one nation under God,” in “God we trust.” He is omnipotent, in control. We are not.