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Car freezes into a block of ice after chilling overnight next to Lake Erie

/ Source: TODAY

One young man is gonna need a bigger ice scraper.

Justin Yelen, 24, left his car parked overnight near Lake Erie in Buffalo, New York, after he went drinking with friends and didn't want to drive home.

We applaud that judicious decision, but the choice wasn't without repercussions: Yelen returned later to discover that his car had transformed into a beautiful ice sculpture.

Also, that it was going to take a while before he could drive it again.

"I hope summer comes soon," he told local station WKBW.

Freezing temperatures and high winds coming off the lake caused sheets and clumps of ice to almost completely encase his car.

Yelen added that he would have to accept rides from his parents until he can free the vehicle, which was marginally less covered on its right side.

Maybe Home Depot has a jumbo-sized bottle of de-icer?

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