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Candid photos reveal Amanda Knox’s new life of freedom

The first pictures to emerge of Amanda Knox at home in Seattle, nine days after being released from four years of imprisonment, show that while she is keeping her profile low, she is clearly relishing her new freedom.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Shortly before her sister Amanda’s release, Deanna Knox said her sibling longed for life’s simple pleasures during her nearly four years behind bars — feeling the grass between her toes, the sunlight on her face. And as recent photographs show, Amanda Knox is reconnecting to her former life since she was released from an Italian prison and returned to her Seattle hometown.

Knox was spotted last Saturday picking up toothpaste and a chocolate bar at a local grocery store, then going out for a sunny stroll with a friend. Later, the 24-year-old showed she’s traded her prison garb for hipster chic as she donned a jean jacket and cap for another walk to enjoy her newfound freedom. On Sunday, she put on a stocking cap and orange scarf to accompany her family for a ferry ride to a neighboring island in Puget Sound.

Knox returned to America Oct. 3 after a jury overturned her 2009 conviction for the murder of her roommate, British native Meredith Kercher, at the home they shared while fellow students in Perugia, Italy. She had been in jail since her November 2007 arrest, and Knox’s family concedes Amanda has not yet completely picked up her life where it left off — she’s received threats and hate mail and is often accompanied by a bodyguard during her ventures out.

The long legal saga of Amanda Knox, an American student accused of the violent death of her roommate, British student Meredith Kercher, has made headlines around the world since it began in Perugia, Italy, in late 2007.

Still, it’s a sweet homecoming for the family — Amanda is nearby the homes of her divorced parents, Curt Knox and Edda Mellas.

“It’s almost like she hasn’t lost a step with the family, which is nice to see,” her father said.