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Cam’ron would rather go to jail than talk

The rapper doesn't want to cooperate with police investigators
/ Source: Reuters

Rapper Cam’ron, who took a bullet in each arm in October in an unsolved shooting in Washington, D.C., said Wednesday he would rather go to jail than cooperate with investigators.

“The D.C. police are putting pressure on the New York police,” the rapper told reporters at a news conference. “I go to court on Tuesday. They’re going to try and give me 30 days because I won’t talk.”

The Harlem rapper, born Cameron Giles, violated his probation stemming from a 2004 criminal weapons possession conviction by going to Washington without permission from the New York City Department of Probation.

A spokesman for New York’s probation department confirmed the court appearance and said Cam’ron also violated probation by breaking a traffic law. He would not comment on the claim that New York officials were being pressured by Washington police.

Cam’ron has sold more than 2 million albums and held the press conference to discuss his upcoming movie and album, both called “Killa Season,” which will be released in April.

Cam’ron said his cooperation was unnecessary because there was a witness at the scene of the shooting.

“There was a D.C. cop present right behind my car when the shooting took place,” he said. “You also have a cellular telephone, a car and fingerprints, but you have nobody to arrest? Why do you need to talk to me? Basically, I’m going to jail for being shot.”

Asked about reports that his probation violation would be overlooked if he spoke to investigators, the rapper replied, ”Yeah, but I’m not talking about the shooting. I’ll just go do the 30 days.”

Discussing his recently released single “You Gotta Love It,” in which he takes swipes at fellow rapper and head of Def Jam records Jay-Z, Cam’ron said he does not fear any fallout.

“I’m ready for whatever,” he said about Jay-Z’s possible reaction. “Do what you’re going to do.”