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Bush daughter shares marriage advice

"Stay really supportive and active in each other's lives," Jenna Hager Bush advises. She also discusses how her parents are learning to use Blackberries.
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When First Lady Laura Bush packed the last of her White House things off to Dallas in January, she didn't even know how to use a computer. Now, her daughter says, she's a regular thumb-typer on a new Blackberry — and so is the former President.

"It's funny to see them on their Blackberries. They didn't have Blackberries in office," their daughter Jenna Hager, 27, tells PEOPLE. "And now it's funny to get emails from them — even when I know they're traveling."

So have they mastered typing with their thumbs? "They're learning," says Hager. "My mom is pretty slow."

As for Hager, a Baltimore 6th-grade teacher who celebrated her first wedding anniversary in May with husband Henry Hager, she's still learning the secrets to a successful marriage: "We've only been married a year, so I don't know if I'm any guru on marriage. I think it's just to stay really supportive and active in each other's lives." Hager, who traveled with UNICEF during her father's presidency, was in New York Thursday to launch her latest project with the organization, called Next Generation Initiative. Her twin sister, Barbara, is also involved.

"When I returned home from Latin America and the Caribbean, I realized that there really wasn't much for our generation — my generation — Generation X and Y — to do to get involved with UNICEF," Hager said at the launch party at The Gates nightclub. "So together, 30 of us formed UNICEF's Next Generation. Right now, around the world, 25,000 kids die every day of preventable things like malnutrition, dehydration. It's our goal to get our generation activated so that one day zero kids die of things we can prevent."