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Bus arrives right on time to completely block view of the Georgia Dome implosion

A city bus in Atlanta pulled up at the exact moment the Weather Channel was filming the Georgia Dome being imploded.
/ Source: TODAY

An Atlanta city bus arrived right on schedule for the perfect photobomb on Monday.

The Weather Channel had been live-streaming for 40 minutes in anticipation of the planned demolition of the Georgia Dome at on Monday morning, only to have a MARTA city bus pull up juuuust in time to block the money shot of the building collapsing.

Weather Channel editor James Crugnale watched in horror as the bus obscured just about the entire shot of the Georgia Dome, a 71,250-seat stadium that was once home to the Atlanta Falcons, the 1996 Olympics, two Super Bowls and a Final Four.

A crowd had gathered and a countdown began over the loudspeakers in anticipation of the 12-second collapse of the 25-year-old stadium. A thin tuft could be seen as the explosion began on the roof, and then the bus pulled up like something out of a comedy skit.

"No, bus get out of the way,'' Crugnale said. "Bus!"

Crugnale added in some expletives in exasperation as the bus rumbled away just as the drama ended. He had a good sense of humor about it afterward.

People predictably had some fun with the moment on Twitter, including Sports Illustrated showing the bus interrupting famously dramatic sports moments and the Atlanta Hawks putting their own twist on it.

At least we know the buses in Atlanta are running right on schedule.

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