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Rossen Reports update: 'Knock knock' robbers dressing up as utility workers

Burglars are trying to trick their way into your home disguised as utility workers. TODAY's Jeff Rossen shows how easily they can fool you.
/ Source: TODAY

Incidents of violent attackers posing as utility workers in residential areas have been reported in New York and California recently, renewing the concern for homeowner safety.

"I thought he was honest and I let him in," said a victim who was robbed after admitting a fake utility worker into her Colorado home.

"Who would do this to elderly people?" said the daughter of a family targeted for robbery by a bogus water company employee.

If a person dressed as a utility worker came to your door and said they needed to come in due to an emergency, would you let them? Crooks are banking on it. Wearing a utility worker outfit bought online for under $100, TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen went undercover in a suburban neighborhood to see how people would react when he asked to enter their homes. The results were revealing.

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