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Brothers set Guinness World Record for trampoline bounce

When Sean Kennedy's brothers helped propel him to just over 22 feet in the air off a trampoline in Rockefeller Plaza on TODAY Tuesday, the trio made history. 

Sean, 26, and brothers Eric, 20, and T.J., 22, combined to set the Guinness World Record for highest trampoline bounce by a team when Sean soared 22 feet, one inch to beat the previous mark of 22 feet and 0.52 of an inch that was also set by the Kennedy brothers in 2012. The three of part of a trampolining team called "Flippen Out" that is based in Holland, Mass., and performs all over the world, primarily at sporting events. 

T.J., Sean and Eric Kennedy, before their jump, explained just how they get so much air. Today

The new mark was verified by Guinness World Records adjudicator Mike Janela, who presented the brothers with a plaque signifying their accomplishment. It was the latest installment in "Spring Breakers TODAY," a celebration of daredevils trying to break records — and hoping they turn out like the Kennedy brothers' attempt.

"We've got a lot less nerves now,'' Sean said after setting the record. 

T.J. and Eric served as the "propellers," who helped give Sean velocity as he bounced on his stomach (he doesn't stand up for safety reasons). According to Guinness guidelines, the propellers are the only ones who can provide the power. 

"We're doing all the work,'' T.J. joked. "He gets all the fun." 

"When we lay on our stomach, it provides us with a little bit more stability, so it's a little safer that way,'' Sean said. "I have to make sure that I keep my body stabilized and nice and tight when I hit the trampoline. That way when they hit me, that I go the highest. Even though they're doing a lot of the work, I have to pull my fair share, too." 

The brothers celebrated their new world record on the plaza. Today

The brothers also overcame rainy conditions on Rockefeller Plaza that could have inhibited the jump. 

"When the trampoline is wet, it doesn't provide as much power as we would like, (and it) adds a little bit of weight to it,'' Sean said. 

Matt Lauer asked the brothers just how high they can go from here. 

"We have to worry about maybe blocking the trampoline up a little higher,'' Sean said. "If we go too high, my stomach will actually bottom out on the ground. It's something that has to be considered, which is why we measured from the trampoline bed going up." 

Wednesday on TODAY, an attempt will be made to set the Guinness World Record for most heads shaved in an hour. 

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