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Turtle power! Brothers build massive 12-foot-tall snow sculpture

Image: The Bartz brothers show off their snow turtle
Bartz Snow Sculptures / Facebook

Sea turtles may conjure images of tropical waters and warm climates, but thanks to three brothers in New Brighton, Minn., the reptile has had a frosty makeover.

Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz are snow sculpting pros who've turned winter fluff into a massive menagerie over the years, and they're latest effort is an impressive display of turtle power.

Measuring 12-foot high, the icy creature takes up their whole front yard.

The guys started the project just days after Christmas and, like building a snowman, it all began by gathering a mound snow — just a whole lot more of it than usual.

By Jan. 7, the turtle was complete. A time-lapsed video shows the Bartz brothers' impressive process from beginning to end.

The forecast for New Brighton predicts freezing temperatures to continue for at least the next week. The family invites those in the area to check out the turtle while it lasts.

Check out a few of their other sea-worthy sculptures from winters past:

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