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Brighten up! Spring makeup trends

The new season's makeup is all about beautiful, bright pops of color in everything from blues to purples, greens to corals. Afraid to wear bold shades? Here, makeup artist Bobbi Brown explains the art of balance.
/ Source: TODAY

This spring’s makeup is all about beautiful, bright pops of color in everything from blues to purples, greens to corals. In addition to being a great, colorful way to celebrate warmer weather, you’ll find that these shades instantly brighten your face.

The solution to pulling off this trend is to know how to find wearable colors that will work well together. Anyone can wear bright makeup, but it’s all about figuring out what shades work best for you. To determine which colors you can wear, don’t just take into account age — skin tone, skin type, season and occasion are also key factors. If you’re nervous about going bright, try more intense versions of shades that you love and make you feel confident. Go one or two shades brighter, and apply with a lighter hand if you’re unsure. Most importantly, your makeup should leave you feeling and looking like yourself, only prettier.

When it comes to wearing bright makeup, the possibilities are endless. Using colorful eye shadow does not have to be a complex process. An easy way to add color to the eyes is simply to apply a single bright shade on the lid. Start by covering the entire lid from lashline to brow bone with your base eye shadow. Next, cover the entire lid three-quarters of the way to the brow bone with your bright shadow, blending as you go. Apply additional layers for a more intense appearance.

If you’re hesitant about going out and investing in a bright lip color, try a bright lip gloss instead. Layer it over your regular lip color to give it an extra boost, or wear alone to add a hint of hue to your lips. Nothing looks healthier than a pretty pop of pink on your cheeks. Whether you use pot rouge or a powder blush, pick a color that is one or two shades brighter than your normal blush and apply it on the apples of the cheeks, making sure to blend well.

If wearing bright colors scares you because you are afraid of looking overdone, the secret to avoiding this is to wear bright shades on only one or two features and balancing them out with neutral colors. For example, a bright eye will look best paired with natural shades on your lips and cheeks, while colorful lips and cheeks should be complemented with a neutral eye. To find your neutral shades, look for the colors that naturally appear in your face. Choose eye shadows that play up the tones found on your eyelid, and lip colors that are close in hue to the color of your bare lips. Your natural blush should be the same shade that your cheeks flush after exercise or pinching them. Finally, if you’re worried about picking out bright and neutral shades that will work well together, look for a palette that contains all of the shades you’ll need.